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Arova Aqua-Classic

Water-based hardwood stains having high level of light fastness using special dyes for stain effects not accentuating the pores. The product is particularly suitable for recoating with water-based wood paints. You can also apply solvent-based paints and varnishes as the topcoat.

Special features

French Ordinance DEVL1104875A regarding the labelling of construction coating products with respect to their emission of volatile pollutants: A+

Application method

Compressed air (Spray nozzle 1,5mm, Spray pressure 2,0 - 2,5 bar)

(PDF | 154 KB)
Safety data sheet

Appearance of stains without accentuating the pores on finely and coarsely porous hardwoods in furniture building.

ProductSize of trading unitsItem number
Aqua-Classic Bambus
Aqua-Classic Vanille
Aqua-Classic Curry
Aqua-Classic Safran
Aqua-Classic Nussbaum Hell
Aqua-Classic Cherry
Aqua-Classic Antik
Aqua-Classic Pfeffer
Aqua-Classic Nussbaum Dunkel
Aqua-Classic Kakao
Aqua-Classic Wenge
Aqua-Classic Espresso

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