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Water-thinnable 1-component positive wood stain for coniferous-wood, based on special synthetic dyestuffs and micronized pigments.



Positiv Plus 12801 ff is a stain for staining coniferous-wood (also bright shades) when a positive stain appearance is to be achieved; very good lightfastness.

Special features

All colours can be mixed interchangeably and thinned with ADLER Positiv Plus Farblos 12807.


Application method

ADLER Positiv Plus 12801 ff should be stirred well before and during use. Apply the stain (compressed air-spraying: nozzle size 1.5 mm, pressure 2.0 - 2.5 bar) regularly and generously (approx. 60-70 g/m²)  ith a light overflow giving the surfaces a wet glow ("wet surface"). It is also possible to apply the stain by a low pressure pump (airmix or airless). An application by brush or sponge is also possible (small


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Safety data sheet

Qualified for sanded, chopped, roughened, planed and brushed wood, when a markant positive stain appearance ist to be achieved and when the

application of a colourless solvent varnish is intended. Less worn-out surfaces can also be retouched with solvent-based waxes.


In order to achieve an old-wood character, ADLER Positiv Plus (f.e. shades 12802 or 12803) can be overpainted with ADLER PUR Natureffekt 26131.

ProductSize of trading unitsItem number
Positiv-Plus Farblos
Positiv-Plus Fichte Gedämpft
Positiv-Plus Fichte Alt
Positiv-Plus Bergfichte
Positiv-Plus Waldfichte
Positiv-Plus Fichte Gelaugt
Positiv-Plus Moorfichte
Positiv-Plus Graufichte
Positiv-Plus Fichte Gekocht
Positiv-Plus Kupferbraun
Positiv-Plus Rotbraun
Positiv-Plus Gelbbraun
Positiv-Plus Mittelbraun
Positiv-Plus Dunkelbraun
Positiv-Plus Grau

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