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The care kit for front doors contains 2 cleaning clothes, 2 spray parts (heads) and the products ADLER Top-Cleaner and ADLER Door-Finish.

  • ADLER Top-Cleaner: Cleaning product with high dirt dissolving and very good degreasing properties.
  • ADLER Door-Finish: Care agent to remove spots and dust. The product forms a protective film against dirt and water, refreshes the surfaces and creates again a silky gloss.

Special features

French Ordinance DEVL1104875A regarding the marking of construction coating products with respect to their emission of volatile pollutants: A+

Application method

ADLER Door-Cleaner

Wet a cloth with ADLER-Door Cleaner and

remove dirt or dust. (It is also possible to use the spray head and to

spray the material on the surface) After this wipe with a wet cloth (use

warm and clean water).


ADLER Door-Finish

Shake well

before using, screw on the spray head and spray on the whole surface the

product ADLER Door-Finish. After about 10 minutes wipe with a cleaning



Apply twice a year; any microfine cracks which may occur are closed and the shine of the surface is refreshed.​

Adler TV
Preservation and Care for Windows and Doors
Preservation and Care for Windows and Doors
(PDF | 109 KB)

For coloured resp. with a glaze painted house doors and garage gates.

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