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Aquawood MS-Spritzlasur

Water-thinnable wood glaze based on acrylate and

oil-modified PUR emulsions with very good weathering resistance and uniform

degradation from exposure to weather. 



Special features

Very easy to renovate. Medium film formation with 30 to 50 μm dry film thickness depending on coating cycle. Free of biocides.

Application method

Spraying (Airless, Airmix)



(PDF | 320 KB)
Safety data sheet
blendable with

Dimensionally stable wooden structural elements such as

windows and doors as well as semi-dimensionally-stable wooden structural

elements such as garden furniture, balconies and façade panels. 

ProductSize of trading unitsItem number
Aquawood MS-Spritzlasur Esche
Aquawood MS-Spritzlasur W30 Basis zum Tönen
Aquawood MS-Spritzlasur Toskana

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