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Aquawood DSL Q10 SG

Water-based silky thick-coat glaze finish with good breathing properties, extremely weather-resistant and high level of transparency. High level of block resistance and impact strength as well as quick resistance to water characterize the product.


Special features

  • Verification of suitability according to DIN EN 927-2 Outdoor exposure
  • ÖNORM EN 71 Part 3 Safety of toys; Migration of certain elements (absence of heavy metals)
  • French Ordinance DEVL1104875A regarding the labelling of construction coating products with respect to their emission of volatile pollutants: A+

Application method

Airless, Airmix (Spray nozzle 0,28 or 0,33mm, Spray angle 20 - 40°, Spraying pressure 80 - 100 bar)

Compressed air (Spray nozzle 1,8 mm, Spraying pressure 3 - 4bar)


(PDF | 414 KB)
Safety data sheet
blendable with
  • Dimensionally stable wooden components such as wooden windows and doors or garage gates
  • For humid areas (e.g. indoor pools) only with special build
  • We recommend thin-layer systems such as, for example, Pullex Plus-Lasur 50314 or Pullex Aqua-Plus 53101 (compare data sheets) for dimensionally unstable wooden components.
ProductSize of trading unitsItem number
Aquawood DSL SG Canapa/Hanf
Aquawood DSL Q10 W30 SG Basis zum Tönen

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