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We are proud of our customers ...

...and pride ourselves on how our products are used with great creativity, perfection and innovation. Here is a selection of our best references.

The recipe for economic success of ADLER has always been based on the partnership principle. Strong and many years of relationship with our specialist dealers and customers from the trade and industry have made us and our customers grand.


In the bargain, each segment has very specific requirements. However, there is one thing common to all: We are very close to our customers. We understand this in terms of geography and content. This is because no one knows the business of our customers better than our employees. This is why ADLER is perceived as a partner for complete solutions to problems and not only as a provider of products and services.

Karin Polzhofer


"Neue Wiener Werkstätte produces quality furniture at the highest level. We demand highest standards of our subcontractors and the used material. Especially in terms of varnish compromises should not be made– perfect surfaces are absolutely essential."

De Nardi


"We have been working with ADLER for 15 years because ADLER always offers us high quality customized products. ADLER also attaches importance to research and development as well as continous innovations - a topic that is also very important to us."

Döpfner Betriebs-GmbH


"We have been associated with ADLER for many years – and there are many reasons for this. A direct contact person, fast response times and naturally, abundant enthusiasm. To cut a long story short: We feel good with ADLER!"

Josef Walter GmbH


„After 3 decades of cooperating successfully with ADDLER, we have come to know the company as a fair, reliable and professional partner. Our customers appreciate the products of ADLER, since their quality is simply assured and convincing."

Nina Katzbeck


"We use varnishes from ADLER because ADLER delivers high quality products, offers innovations and meets our requests. The customer expects the same from us: easy-care windows and the choice of every possible colour scheme."

Huber&Sohn Bachmehring


"ADLER is a reliable partner whose understanding of quality and performance meets our expectations. Moreover we appreciate the willingness to innovate and the direct way of addressing our improvement proposals."

Broecking Fenster


"Searching for unconditional quality, we discovered ADLER. We need a Partner for long-term co-operation. With ADLER we found such a partner."

Stefan Blagusz


“As a founding member of the ADLER-Farbenmeister I have been convinced of this idea for decades and was never disappointed. The unparalleled marketing, the familiar atmosphere and the loyalty to the specialist retailer are unbeatable.”

Rieder KG


“Our windows, doors and furniture pieces are exclusively treated with ADLER products. We whole-heartedly recommend working together with the company ADLER Lacke.”

Internorm Supplier Award 2010


“We have additional criteria like service, quality of cooperation and flexibility. ADLER meets these criteria every year. If a problem occurs, the people of ADLER immediately try to find a solution.”

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