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ADLER presents the ultimate Positiv wood stain

The new Arova Positiv-Ultra from the Tyrolean wood finishing company, ADLER, is a hit for all wood stain fans. Trends, extremes and seasonal hits are great, but nothing beats a reliable team that always plays in the top league. Just like the elegant wood stains from the ADLER Positiv team. The new star: Arova Positiv-Ultra, the ultimate Positiv wood stain for softwoods.



The team from the ADLER wood stain laboratory explains the benefits of the new water-based stain: "It achieves a very positive and distinctive stain appearance, which is nevertheless calm and elegant. That is why, for us, it is the ultimate softwood stain, which is suitable for all classic applications, for a timeless, rurally elegant style, especially on spruce." For this, a wide range of standard colours, covering the most popular and proven colours from light to dark, is available to wood processors. But new, modern colouring such as "Fichte gebrannt" [Burnt spruce] is also allowed.



"Easy processing was also important to us so that the users can work efficiently with the stain. That is why the stain does not have a too high solids content, meaning that it is ideal for spraying. A single application is sufficient, and, what is particularly important: it can be painted over not only with solvent-based but also water-based paints. That is contemporary and environmentally friendly," say the developers. The ultimate Positiv wood stain from ADLER will thus continue to play in the first division for softwood stains in future: distinctive, elegant, Arova Positiv-Ultra.

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