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Best look with the new fillers by ADLER

Modern wood windows, together with the respective façade, accentuate and characterize the appearance of a building.


Window coatings by ADLER protect the surface and ensure long life, low maintenance costs and long-lasting beauty. To meet this demand, ADLER continually develops its product range in the area of windows and offers two intermediate coatings—Acryl-Flutfüller Weiß and Acryl-Fensterfüller HighRes Weiß—which meet the highest standards.


ADLER Acryl-Flutfüller Weiß provides excellent insulation against discolouration of wood constituents. Especially for coarse-pored hardwood like Meranti or Oak, it offers optimised properties for flood coats. 


ADLER Acryl-Fensterfüller HighRes Weiß is suitable for use in industries and trade, and in addition to good sanding ability and high body level also ensures very good spreading properties. Besides, the spray filler contains special markers, through which the correct application of the product can be demonstrated.


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