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Bluefin Pigmosoft: Flawless matt surfaces

What is more beautiful than noble, matt furniture surfaces in all colour shades – if only the surfaces were not so sensitive! Every touch leaves unattractive fingerprints, every slight scratch with fingernails causes unsightly glossy stripes. But these are a thing of the past now: The innovative furniture varnish Bluefin Pigmosoft from ADLER prevents fingerprints and makes the unwanted shine disappear overnight thanks to its unique self-regeneration.



The secret of success of the new water-based 2-component pigment paint is a special recipe based on special raw materials developed by the ADLER development team led by experienced furniture varnish professional Franz Thummer. Many of the unavoidable signs of wear in everyday life are thus avoided, explains Thummer: „Bluefin Pigmosoft has extremely low glossiness, in addition we have equipped the varnish with an innovative anti-fingerprint protection that completely avoids undesirable fingerprints." And if the surface suddenly shines up, for example as a result of a scratch with the fingernail, this unattractive effect disappears overnight as if by magic. Thanks to the innovative self-regeneration technology, the surface always returns to its original, flawless condition. "This self-regeneration only takes a few hours and can be accelerated without much effort by using the ADLER Clean-Möbelreinigers", explains Thummer.


This "smart" paint technology is hidden under a surface that is both extremely robust and soft to the touch: with its very good scratch and ring indentation resistance as well as water and oil resistance, Bluefin Pigmosoft with stands the daily demands placed on a piece of furniture. At the same time, the surface has a velvety soft-touch feel – perfectly matched to the surface appearance, which is uniformly dull matt from all angles. Exceptional luminance, high opacity and light resistance ensure permanently flawless surfaces in all colour shades: visibly beautiful and pleasant to the touch.


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