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Concrete effect: step by step

Concrete is taking over the living room. Whether used as an interior wall, table top or accessory: concrete is sleek, chic and sophisticated. The strong character of the raw material can now also be used by carpenters or joiners and furniture makers. And to do so, they do not have to drag any sacks of concrete around and start up concrete mixers. All that they need is their normal painting equipment, a spatula – and the right products from ADLER. The Austrian paint manufacturer has indeed developed a concrete effect paint that makes wood look like concrete. Very quickly, simply and expressively.

ADLER application engineer, Dominik Schwaiger, shows you step by step how to create the deceptively genuine looking concrete effect:


What is particularly important for the concrete effect is the preparation of the product: stir the ADLER Betoneffekt by hand well with a wooden stirrer. Under no circumstances should you use an electric mixer or similar appliances.


Now you can dip into the paint pot. For this example we have selected ADLER Betoneffekt in the colour Daiquiri. Apply the plaster-like primer with a stainless steel trowel. Feel free to apply it irregularly - this is how the characteristic texture emerges that makes the concrete effect look so realistic. Whether you prefer to create coarse strokes or finer transitions is all down to your own taste. You can also mix the different colours with each other wet-in-wet in order to achieve a particularly vibrant surface effect. After that the workpiece should dry overnight.


Now sand the surface with grit size 80. In this way you will smooth off the rough surface and also give your trendy furniture the feel of real concrete. Here too you can vary the sanding intensity as much as you want, thereby creating individual, unique surfaces.


Now it is time for the invisible protective coat: apply a topcoat to the workpiece using a lightfast furniture varnish in as low a gloss level as possible. We recommend  ADLER PUR-Antiscratch G5, which will help you to achieve a particularly robust, scratch-resistant surface – as you would expect from “concrete”.


The first concrete from a tin: the ADLER effect paint can be used for the widest possible range – from a piece of designer furniture, a special kitchen front or used on cabinets and tables through to the interior doors. The new ADLER Betoneffekt is available in five standard colours – from the almost black “Cuba Libre“ and the three shades of grey “Caipirinha”, “Daiquiri” and “White Lady” through to the reddy-brown “Bahama Mama”. Try it out yourself!


ADLER Betoneffekt, colour Daiquiri

ADLER PUR-Antiscratch G5

ADLER professional accessories: ADLER stirrer; Abranet Exzenterschleifpapier, (Abranet rotary sandpaper), grit size 80; Kremlin Spritzpistole GM22 HPA (Kremlin spray gun)

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ADLER Betoneffekt 10.4 MB PDF

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