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Crown jewels of joinery - with the new Aduro PUR-Glanzlack

High gloss is the supreme discipline in wood coating. Accordingly, it cannot be achieved very quickly and with just any materials. Yet sometimes you simply want to shine and are happy to put a bit more effort in to do so. With the new Aduro PUR-Glanzlack from ADLER, perfect high gloss can now be produced almost overnight, turning special timbers into jewels of joinery.



"For the processors, the most important improvement that we have achieved on the new Aduro PUR-Glanzlack is that it dries faster and, if necessary, can be sanded and polished the next day," says Franz Thummer, head of the ADLER furniture varnish laboratory. As a result, the production flow is not interrupted and even top quality, high gloss furniture soon reaches the customer. Altogether, the new PUR-Glanzlack is particularly user friendly: its optimised stability ensures that it is more forgiving when it comes to the almost unavoidable overlaps resulting at certain points from spraying and does not run.


"The high solids content, in other words the full body of the paint, even when using transparent varnish, enables the special, rich deep sheen and the incomparable grain accentuation that you want from high gloss," Franz Thummer explains. Correctly painted surfaces look like a flawless mirror made of wood. "What is important for the gloss structure, of course, is also the priming," says Thummer. "On fine-pored wood, two to three applications of PUR-Füllgrund are sufficient, on deep-pored timber such as rosewood, it should even be five.“ Because high gloss varnishing is not especially an everyday task in joinery, ADLER provides its customers with a detailed working guideline, thus guaranteeing that they too shine in the supreme discipline.

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