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Decorative effects on furniture surfaces: Decorative marble finish

Lend a Mediterranean flair to your exclusive pieces of furniture ....

You can give a typical marble-like look to your pieces of furniture using this coating technique. Apart from cool colour shades, warm colours, especially for living rooms, are also suitable.


All substrates that can be recoated are suitable for the Mediterranean coating finish. For example: laminated panels, MDF boards that have been filled up and cross-veneered, primer-coated particle boards.


  1. Spray application of ADLER Pigmopur using a dominating colour shade.
  2. After allowing it to dry for about 24 hours, apply a partial thin spray of ADLER Pigmopur (without adding hardener, however, with 1:1 ADLER DD-Verdünnung (Thinner) 80019 diluted) in a matching contrast colour shade.
  3. Next, apply ADLER DD-Verdünnung (Thinner) 80019 to the entire surface - you can do this using a cup gun or a natural sponge. (Note: New and hard natural sponges must first be softened by kneading them in lukewarm water).
  4. The desired marble finish is obtained by pressing the natural sponge moistened with ADLER DD-Verdünnung (Thinner) 80019 several times at specific locations on the surface (Mottling).
  5. If desired, ADLER Goldpaste 90899 (diluted 1:1 with ADLER DD-Verdünnung 80019) can be sprayed thinly on the surface when it is still wet.
  6. After allowing the surface to dry for a minimum period of about hour, a topcoat is applied using an NC-free PUR coat such as, for example, ADLER Legnopur or ADLER Pigmotop.



Grain coating - Cottage style with an antic character


You can find more effects and ideas for the creative design of your furniture pieces and other wooden surfaces, as well as the matching ADLER coats and systems in our brochure on coating systems for decorative effects and finishes.

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