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Finest veneer

Zebrano? Elm? Cherry? Or even oak? Help! "Well in that case just drive to the veneer warehouse and pick something," our joiner neighbour advised us, as the sheer variety of design options for our interior doors almost brought us to despair. Thank you. There we stood – in the midst of thousands of veneer sheets. Light, dark, finely grained or strongly marked, in all imaginable species of wood. That made things a whole lot easier...



Veneer is the whole world of wooden variety in a maximum of eight millimetres. Because the fine layers of wood with which banal base wood can be transformed into an extraordinary workpiece are no thicker than this. The technique of refining less attractive wood by applying a thin, more appealing layer of wood was already known in ancient Egypt. And to this day this possibility of wood transformation has not lost any of its attractiveness.



"Veneer is a one hundred percent pure, genuine, high-quality wood and thus a sustainable, grown raw material," emphasise those responsible for the "Initiative Edelfurnier" (face veneer initiative). They want to highlight the strengths of the material once again – a project in which ADLER is glad to support them. Because the Tyrolean paint factory has a "heart for wood" itself. "Wood is the best, most sustainable, most diverse and most stylish material," ADLER managing director Andrea Berghofer speaks up again and again for the foundation of joiners' success.


And veneer is the finest wood. It offers an incredible number of processing options, making especially creative projects possible in the first place. A wooden lampshade? A wooden handbag? Or a pair of wooden glasses? Hard to imagine without veneer! And veneer can do something else: It brings the unique character of each individual tree onto the surface. And that's why every veneer workpiece is unique. Just like our doors. And by the way, we opted for birch.



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