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Hard shell, soft core: ADLER brings the sought-after concrete look to wood

“A door made of concrete?” How did you do that then?” visitors pondered recently at the opening of the new showroom of the door manufacturer, Koch Türen, in Steinach am Brenner, Tyrol. Quite easy: With ADLER! Because Austria's leading paint manufacturer brings the sought-after concrete look to wood: the new “concrete effect” from ADLER is a real eye-catcher. “This surface is simply something special and is very much in trend,” emphasises Christian Beer too from the joinery company, Schreinerei Beer in Bavaria, who has also already designed a very special show kitchen with the revolutionary effect painting from ADLER.



Whether in the form of an interior wall, worktop or even an accessory. Concrete is moving into modern homes and has undergone an astonishing change: an increasing number of designers and architects are opting for the raw, strong effect of the once frowned upon building material. The hard shell is “très chic” – but unfortunately not without problems in its application. Who wants to have to shift a table made of concrete? That is why ADLER uses the soft core: with the new concrete effect paint, wood is easily turned into an elegant likeness of the sought-after grey material. “The surface looks deceptively similar to concrete and also feels like it,” stress Andreas Koch from Koch Türen and kitchens expert, Christian Beer from Schreinerei Beer. They were the first to test the new concrete effect and are thrilled.


ADLER application engineer, Matthias Abendstein, produced the concrete effect directly on their premises. “First we apply a coat of the new ADLER concrete effect. Brushing it with the spatula creates the characteristic concrete texture,” he says describing the process. After a coarse intermediate sanding process, the area is painted matt with ADLER PUR-Antiscratch G5. The new ADLER concrete effect is available with immediate effect in five strong colours – from the almost black “Cuba Libre” passing through the three levels of grey “Caipirinha“, “Daiquiri” and “White Lady” through to the red/brownish “Bahama Mama”. Of course, different colours can be filled in with each other, meaning there are no limits to creativity. This hard and soft cocktail is guaranteed to appeal to design lovers!


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