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Oiling parquet or wooden flooring

You can use Legno oils as the natural alternative to sealing wooden floors with coating systems to give the finishing touch to your wooden or parquet floorimg. Wooden surfaces indoors can be protected from day-to-day stress, dirt, spots and scratches using the deeply penetrating oil.


Wood is alive, breathes and warms the soul. It is ideal for healthy room climate and provides a comfortable living atmosphere, in which people can find peace and can calm down. Preserving the beauty and taking care of the wood are key aspects at ADLER. Using the new range of Legno products makes oiling the wood an easy task – nothing more than child‘s play.


Step1 - Sanding

Make sure that your parquet floors are sanded uniformly, dirt-free and clean. Improper sanding can lead to ugly and uneven results in the final colour (optimal is: 1 disc grinder, grain size 150).


Step 2 - Legno Color

Stir Legno-Color before using it for the first time. Next, apply a thin and even coat using a floor paintbrush or a roller brush. Start with the corners i.e. the points farthest away and always work towards the exit of the room.


Step 3 – Removing the excess

Remove all the excess material using a cotton cloth or something similar. This way you can avoid any ugly and glossy marks and spots. Finally, allow the floor to dry overnight with good ventilation. 


Expert Tip: 

Divide large areas into smaller sections. This  prevents the oil from drying up prematurely. 


Intermediate Step (should it be required) – a second coat of Legno-Color

For more intensive colouring, repeat the application with Legno-Color.


Step 4 – Legno-Oil

Finally, apply a coat of Legno-Oil or a hard-wax oil uniformly using a roller brush. This intensifies the colour shade of the Legno-Color. After a drying time of 16 hours, the surfaces may be somewhat stressed. Complete stress-withstanding capability is achieved after about one week. Give your floor this time before placing furniture and carpets on it.



We recommend yearly preservation with one coat of Legno-Pflegeöl.


Products used:

ADLER Legno-Color

ADLER Legno-Öl

ADLER Legno-Hartwachsöl

ADLER Legno-Pflegeöl


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