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Preserving and cleaning oiled and waxed surfaces

Waxed and oiled surfaces require regular preservation so that they may maintain their beauty for a long time.

Oiled and waxed pieces of furniture are beautiful and natural – above all, when you preserve and retouch them regularly. ADLER recommends treating them once a year with ADLER Legno-Pflegeöl (Preservative oil) for this purpose.



Cleaning with water:

Slightly soiled spots (e.g. fingerprints) can be cleaned with warm water or a wood soap (curd soap). Make sure to wipe the surface dry thereafter! 


Cleaning with Legno Reiniger (Cleaner): 

For greasy or severely soiled surfaces (e.g. legs of tables and chairs), use Legno-Reiniger.



Apply a thin layer of Legno-Pflegeöl (Preservative oil) or Legno-Hartwachsöl (Hard wax oil) using the ADLER preservative cloth. You may polish the surface with a woollen cloth after allowing it to dry for about 5 minutes. 


Attention: Do not use any micro-fibre cloths, grease-removing household cleaning agents or steam cleaners! 


Products used: 

Legno-Reiniger (Cleaner) 

Legno-Pflegeöl (Preservative oil) 

Legno-Hartwachsöl (Hard wax oil) 


Other Tips and Tricks:

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