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Preserving wood windows and checking the paint work for defects

Regular care is essential for the long durability of your wood windows. For that purpose ADLER has developed a care set which is efficient and easy to use.


No matter what time of the year, wood windows create a cosy room climate and keep noise and environmental stress outside. Their natural heat-insulting quality outclasses other window constructions. However, atmospheric influences such as sun, wind and moisture put a strain on your wood windows day after day and can cause unsightly cracks, algae, leaching and greying. We show you how to prevent these problems in a simple and efficient way.


Step 1 – ADLER Top-Cleaner

Clean the surface with warm water mixed with a few squirts of ADLER Top-Cleaner. Apply ADLER Top-Cleaner undiluted with a cleaning cloth and wipe off carefully. This way even stubborn dirt can be easily removed.


Step 2 – ADLER Top-Finish

Shake ADLER Top-Finish before use. Use the practical ADLER Fenstertool-Auftragskissen (applicator pad) to apply a thin layer of ADLER Top-Finish on the clean and dry surface. Thanks to the ADLER Fenstertool working on small wooden parts is no problem at all. The adjustable distance piece prevents coating the silicone joint. In case you applied too much ADLER Top-Finish simply wipe off the excess with a cleaning cloth.


In order to not miss the right time for care and renovation works and to prevent irreparable damage, it is especially important that you regularly check your wood windows for defects in the paint work. Invisible hairline cracks can be fixed with using the ADLER Pflegeset once a year. However, if the coating of your windows shows heavier damage e. g. caused by hail or greying, a renovation is necessary. You can find a detailed manual for window renovation under Tips & Tricks for window refurbishment using the Pullex refurbishment products.


With these tips you are guaranteed to enjoy your wood windows for a long time. True to the ADLER motto: “Time passes by but not for your windows".


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