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Prize-winning and environmentally friendly: SH-Technology© from ADLER wins Daphne environmental prize

Things that are innovative and have a promising future these days are usually also environmentally friendly: like the new self-healing technology developed by ADLER-Werk Lackfabrik, the SH-Technology©. The Tyrolean company has now received the Daphne environmental technology prize in bronze for this, after it was also recently awarded the 2016 Tyrol Innovation Prize. The Daphnes awarded by the environmental protection periodical, “Magazin Umweltschutz”, were presented at Tech Gate Vienna on 13 October 2016.



A wood window paint that heals itself is a world first. “Until now such a thing has only existed to some extent in the field of corrosion protection and for plastics. ADLER has brought self-healing to wood and put it into practice. We have managed to make the sustainable wood window last longer and more durable and thus make it more competitive compared to synthetic materials, for example. We are very proud of that,” says Dr. Albert Rössler, who, as head of the research & development department with its 100-strong team, is responsible for the SH-Technology©. He also explains why such a new development is awarded an environmental prize: not only due to the fact that the material of wood is renewable and therefore environmentally friendly, but it lasts longer thanks to the self-healing coating. With its new development, ADLER thus also makes a mark against plastic and throw-away consumer mentality. In addition, the “self-healing fluid” used is almost completely made of renewable raw materials.


The development surrounding the SH technology was painstaking and complex, based on tiny microcapsules that contain a liquid reagent. This is able to seal cracks. If the paintwork is damaged, therefore, the tiny balls burst at the appropriate spot and close the “wound” from the bottom upwards – this prevents water from being enclosed and penetrating the wood. “We did thousands of practical trials until we got there,” says Dr. Albert Rössler, head of the ADLER research and development department. “Something like this succeeds maybe once every 10 years,” says Rössler underlining the research intensity and the level of innovation behind the award-winning wood window coating, which is now being launched in the market. Production will take place in the water-based paint factory currently being constructed.



Link to Daphne-Umweltpreis

Link to Tiroler Innovationspreis

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