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Rust effect for furniture

An effective decoration for living rooms does not stop anymore at the wall paint or the sofa cover. Even the wooden furniture can refer effective accentuations to surfaces thanks to the ADLER coating effects.

What about a rusty effect on furniture for example? It sounds too complicate and too expensive? But it isn’t! The ADLER technician Wolfgang Eder shows how astonishing effects are realizable in a few steps. As if wood does not corrode! 


The correct substrate 

All stable substrates, that is laminated panels, grinded and filled MDF panels, cross veneered chipboards and similar.


Step 1 – Pigmopur

Apply one layer of ADLER Pigmopur gloss 50, tinted RAL 7016. Before application, add to the Pigmopur 10 per cent of PUR-Struktureffektpaste Grob (paste for coarse structure effect) – that is the basic for a fancy and also perceptible effect.


Step 2 – Effektlasur in the colour shade Piemontese

Let the component dry for a minimum of five hours, but continue working the same day. Dot on the surface as you feel ADLER Effektlasur W30, tinted in the colour shade Piemontese, using a natural sponge. 


Step 3 – Effektlasur in the colour shade Perugia

Immediately afterwards do the same with the colour shade Perugina. Pay attention to a natural positioning of the dabs of Effektlasur. 


Intermediate step

It should like this when you have finished the application of the Effektlasur.


Step 4 – Finishing coat

Let the component dry during a whole night, but no longer than 24 hours. Now only a last step is necessary: One layer of the topcoat as usually. As finishing coat you can use ADLER Legnopur in the wanted degree of gloss. For this example Wolfgang Eder used gloss 10.


Used products

ADLER Pigmopur G50

ADLER PUR-Struktureffektpaste crease

ADLER Effektlasur W30, tinted in a colour shade


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