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Rusty front door? Powerful effect!

A front door like this must be quite a tough cookie. It must withstand wind and weather, bunches of keys and fists. It will soon end up on the scrap heap as a result. But not if it rusts in style. ADLER is now bringing the architectural trend of rust to the front door too – simply by using a paint gun. ADLER application engineer, Mario Valorzi, shows how to turn the front door into a tough guy with effect.


Step 1 – Preparation

A good base is important: In love, so that it does not get rusty, and with ADLER-Effekt, so that it does rust. That means sanding the prepared substrate with grain size 240 directly before painting it. Then a coat of  ADLER 2K-Epoxi-Grund light grey is sprayed on it to provide a strong base. Leave to dry overnight.


Step 2 – Varicolor

After sanding smooth with grain size 240 comes the stunt with the roller: ADLER Varicolor E20 in the colour anthracite grey is rolled on thickly and irregularly. This provides the right base look with glittery particles and an icy grey colour. Dry overnight again.


Step 3 – Rust spots

Now is the time for the “part with feeling”, as dabbing on the two colours for the “rust spots” requires a certain amount of flair.


First of all Aquawood Protor-Finish L (+ 8% Aquafix S) in the colour F002 is dabbed on irregularly with a natural sponge. From here on in, the processor influences how “rusty” the door will finish up. Tip: Under no circumstances use a smooth kitchen sponge or the like, because the result will then look artificial.


Things then get metallic, and genuinely! The ADLER real iron, Aquafix Ferro, makes the rusty door authentic and is certain to not only attract magnets, but customers too. The still wet paint is now carefully blown on, in the smallest quantities and irregularly once again with the air pressure.


The same steps with dabbing and blowing are now repeated with Aquawood Protor-Finish L in the colour rust effect.


Step 4 – Rust activator

Users now reach deeper into the ADLER bag of rust tricks. In order for the real iron to unfold its full effect, you apply a touch of the rust activator ADLER Aquafix Oxid on top of it: Mario Valorzi sprays it on casually just in parts.

Step 5 – allow to rust overnight, apply top coat

Echtes Eisen gibt echten Rost – dank Aquafix Oxid sogar über Nacht. Sobald man sich vom Staunen über den echten Rost am Holz erholt hat, kann man mit Protor-Finish L W40 dünn ablackieren. Der Nassfilm sollte nicht stärker als 100 μm sein.


Step 6 – show off

The work is done, the front door has a genuine rust surface and everyone is amazed. Now all you need to do is wonder at the fact that you can even override the laws of nature and quite simply turn a door made of wood into rusty iron. ADLER application engineer Mario Valorzi showed how it is done.


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