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The Protor special effect paints by ADLER: Front door manufacturer's Magic Lamp

Imagine: Doors and gates made of gold! You believe something like this happens only in Sultan's Palace of 1001 nights? Not even close. For ADLER in Tyrol, Austria, it is common practice and the same will also be the case for the ADLER customers in future: With the Protor special effect paints, front door manufacturers and joiners become genies and conjure up doors of gold, concrete, mother of pearl, rust - or whatever else that the customer could wish for.



Protor front door coatings by ADLER can do everything that a front door paint must be able to do: Extreme durability to wind and weather, kicks and footballs. Extremely efficient processing thanks to quick drying and block resistance in record time. But Protor can do even more than that: Extremely cool effects that turn the front door from a building element into a design object. 


For example, the concrete effect: Not everyone has a door made of concrete and architects as well as home-owners with a penchant for modern practicality feel like they are living in a fairy tale. Is your customer more of a romantic type who loves open fires? Then enchant him with a front door in the old wood-effect, colour selection from silvery to burned included. If you plunge deep enough into the ADLER bag of tricks, you can even give rust effect to wood. In four simple painting steps make your customers and their neighbours wonder about the ADLER rust effect. 

Whoever wants to know how to bring gold, concrete, rust & Co. onto wood, can at best throw a glance at the new ADLER brochure with the Protor front door coatings and let his imagination run wild. 1001 design possibilities offer each customer his personal front door fairy tale.


Product catalogue: ADLER Türenbeschichtungen (german version)

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