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Upstairs, downstairs – always on the go

Our ADLER team tours right across the country. Upstairs in one workshop, downstairs in the other. Our ADLER experts are always welcome guests – especially if they have brought the latest trend coatings and innovations with them and not only demonstrate what works, but also how it works.


ADLER gladly offers on-site training courses and seminars. A service that is increasingly in demand. Recently, we visited OrgaPlan Innenausbauin Bad Hersfeld in Hessen, Germany. 35 joiners from the region, among them 15 vocational students and guild master foreman Ralf Stuckardt, were transported into the colourful world of ADLER by our application engineer Hans-Peter Thaler, sales representative Alexander Volbert and sales manager Thomas Zabel.



Thaler presented Aduro MDF-4in1-pigment paint, which is particularly popular in Germany, enabling particularly efficient painting. But surface effects were also a big topic. And last but not least, the topic of natural-looking surfaces was covered, which are nevertheless optimally protected. OrgaPlan boss Gerhard Michaelis and Ralf Stuckardt praised the good cooperation with ADLER: Michaelis likes to work with ADLER products, "because they are easy to handle and faultless".


But not only for training courses, also in the case of in-house exhibitions and similar company events ADLER does not need to be asked twice: For the "day of the carpenter" the staircase construction company Paltian in Motten (directly on the Hessian-Bavarian border) opened its workshop doors during business hours. Michael Paltian explains the extraordinary concept: "We didn't just want to show visitors our workshop, but enable our handicraft to be experienced at first hand. The visitors were able to watch real presentations of the Flexijet 3D measurement system and 3D visualisation of the stairs, as well as live demonstrations of the CNC staircase construction machines. In addition, they gained insights into the variety of surface coatings." ADLER was present for the latter: Ramon Heyder showed sample boards with stains, water-based and solvent-based paints. More than 150 joiners and customers from Hessen and Bavaria did not miss out on this in the second weekend of November. Nor the veal sausages, coffee and cake!


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