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We make more out of wood: splendid appearance by ADLER at Ligna 2017

"Making more out of wood": Under this motto, Ligna 2017 presented innovations and solutions for the wood processing industry. In the thick of it instead of simply present: ADLER, Austria's leading manufacturer of paints, varnishes and wood preservatives, which scored highly at Ligna with alpine wood competence.



Quality and efficiency are the keys to success - for the small craft business as well as for the industrial manufacturer. The developers at the ADLER window laboratory also know this: just in time for Ligna, they finished the new Aquawood Spritzlack XT, the perfect combination of maximum stability and user-friendliness. The XT in the name of the new paint stands for extreme - and with good reason: extreme water resistance, extreme weather resistance and extreme film elasticity ensure lasting protection, whilst at the same time the paint achieves top marks in terms of flexibility and efficiency during processing.


In wood treatment, a matt look and natural feel are still very much in demand. Whether it is a genuine wood look or bright variety of colours, ADLER revealed the perfect solution for every taste in Hanover: the new opaque wood coating, Lignovit Color Ultramatt, guarantees perfect matt surfaces in all shades and at the same time stable protection for facades, balconies or paneling. For environmentally-conscious builders, ADLER had an all-round green product to hand at Ligna with the ecological Holzöl [wood oil] Lignovit Terra free from solvents, plasticizers and wood preservatives, sustainably made from renewable raw materials – a healthy wood coating with a clear conscience towards the environment.


The audience magnet at the ADLER stand, however, were the new real-metal effects: "Our visitors were fascinated by the boundless design possibilities which are open to them with our new effects," reports Daniel Pesserer, ADLER Sales Manager for the industry sector: cool shimmer with the tin-coating, antique look with brass applied with a spatula, spectacular colors with the Blue-Patina-Effect on bronze, warm shine of copper on brushed spruce – the "liquid metal" from ADLER guarantees unique surfaces with an authentic metallic look.


Efficient coating systems, ecological surfaces, spectacular effects: these innovative offers are also appreciated by the customers: "Interesting encounters, a host of international contacts, positive feedback through and through – it is not for nothing that Ligna is a benchmark for us in the trade fair year," says Daniel Pesserer, already looking forward to seeing everyone again in Hanover next year.

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