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Your wood is best preserved with Lignovit-Interior UV100

Comfort and cosiness. No other phrase expresses better what wood radiates. Be it as a roof element or for wall sheeting. The material has its own special charm. Austria's leading wood preservative manufacturer has developed the new ADLER Lignovit-Interior UV100 so that these elements can be maintained in good condition over long periods of time. The innovative product created at the ADLER laboratory does not allow ugly yellowing to occur with triple-acting protection against UV.



A comfortable climate in the room. Cosy atmosphere of well-being. But also modern and contemporary living. You associate these terms with the most natural of all materials. Wood has become a fixed constituent in modern architecture since a long time. And ADLER takes care of the right preservative and care. "Wall and ceiling elements refined with ADLER Lignovit-Interior UV100Product in the colour shades, Zugspitze, Großglockner or Mont Blanc (all names of mountain peaks) are the latest trend. With the new tripe-acting UV protection, the fresh and natural surface of the wood is maintained permanently", says the ADLER wood preservative expert (Master's degree holder) (University of Applied Sciences) Daniel Pesserer knowingly.


The water-thinnable glaze finish with good breathing properties ensures that wood used indoors remains bright and fresh permanently. By preserving the wood constituent, lignin, any darkening of the wood is prevented. ADLER Lignovit-Interior UV 100 is best suited for use with softwoods such as, for example, spruce, pine and larch. Regardless of whether you are dealing with classic wood in its natural form or refined with one of the trendy ADLER colour shades - you are always in goods hands and at the right place with ADLER when it comes to "matters of wood".


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