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Pullex Imprägnier-Grund

Solvent-based impregnation, with no aromatic content, for DIY and professional use; contains biocides; to be used on exterior woodenelements.

Special features

The substances used provide protection according to the Austrian standard ÖNORM B 3802-2 and/or DIN 68800-3 against blue stain (inspection according to EN 152-1), liginivorous fungi (inspection according to EN 113) and acts as a precaution against insects (inspection

according to EN 46). Application rate during standard inspection 200g/m² (Certificate of approval No. 6/93).


Active substances (B, P, Iv)

0.7 % Dichlofluanid 

0.6 % Tebuconazol

0.05 % Permethrin

Application method

By brush, dipping procedure, flow-coating. No spraying!

(PDF | 271 KB)

Wooden houses, canopies, panels, balconies, roof structures, wooden fences, windows and exterior doors etc. in the danger classes 2 and 3.

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