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Ventopur NG

Quick-dry 2-component polyurethane clear coat with very good mechanical and chemical resistance, good grain accentuation, exceptional yellowing resistance and a nice pore pattern.


Binding agent basis: Polyacrylate resin / cellulose acetate butyrate. ADLER Ventopur is free from aromatic solvents.

Special features

  • ​ÖNORM A 1605-12 - test 1 Rating category 1-B1
  • ÖNORM A 1605-12 - test 2 Rating category 2-D (≥ 50 U)
  • ÖNORM A 1605-12 - test 4 Rating category 4-D (≥ 1.0 N)
  • ÖNORM A 1605-12 - test 5 Rating category 5-B (highly non-combustible furniture surface)
  • ÖNORM A 3800-1 (formerly B 3800-1) Flammability class highly non-combustible (formerly B 1)

    Smoke production class Q 1 (slightly smoking)

    Drop formation class Tr 1 (non-drip)

  • Coating childrens toys

    ADLER Ventopur also complies with the new conditions for “Items that children can put in their mouth”. (Federal Gazette 355: Softening Agents Ordinance 18/09/06)

  • Perspiration and saliva-proof properties

    The requirements of ÖNORM S 1555 concerning perspiration and saliva-proof properties as well as of ÖNORM EN 71-3, “Safety of toys; Migration of certain elements” (absence of heavy metals) are met.

  • Food compatible coatings

    In accordance with the confirmation of OFI Technologie & Innovation GmbH, ADLER Ventopur can be used to coat wooden objects that are in temporary contact with foodstuffs.

Application method

​Airless/Airmix spray guns (0.23-0.28 mm nozzle, 100-120 bar/1-2 bar) – and Pouring approx. 24 s undilutedCompressed air spray guns (1.8 mm nozzle, 3-4 bar) approx. 18 s - 10 % ADLER DD Verdünnung (thinner) 80019

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Safety data sheet
  • ​For quick-dry coating of heavily used surfaces of furniture and interior fixtures, for hotel and school furnishings, for kitchen and bathroom furniture: Application groups II to IV in accordance with ÖNORM A 1610-12.
  • For highly non-combustible and/or non-flammable systems.
  • Suitable for coating of surfaces bleached with hydrogen peroxide.
  • Coating of childrens toys as well as wooded objects that can be in temporary contact with foodstuffs
ProductSize of trading unitsItem number
Ventopur NG G10 Stumpfmatt
Ventopur NG G20
Ventopur NG G30 Matt
Ventopur NG G50 Halbmatt
Ventopur NG G70 Seidenmatt

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