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Kilov - Relaxation with wood and water

Kilov - Relaxation with wood and water

The dacha in the countryside, a small wooden house surrounded by nature – for many generations of Ukrainians that was the epitome of weekend relaxation and summer freshness. A modern version of this has now emerged in the south-east of Kiev: Kilov, a holiday village that combines comfort with the enjoyment of nature and thus guarantees pure relaxation.


A landscape like a wellness oasis


The eco resort of Kilov lies in the picturesque environs of Kiev, on the River Dniper. It is far enough away to forget all the hustle and bustle of the city, and yet near enough to be an ideal weekend and holiday destination for the city-dwellers. Mother Nature itself takes care of the leisure activities: fresh air and light forest invite you to long walks, yet the main attraction is the water: the majority of the visitors, both men and women, come here to fish. Due to the proximity to the water and the too soft subsoil made up of peat, the decision was taken to build two kinds of holiday home: both directly in the water instead of just by the water. The buildings are erected on floating supporting bases in a houseboat style or on wooden pilings. In terms of shape and material, the two-storey small wooden houses with gabled roof are reminiscent of the good old dacha from days gone by, yet inside offer every comfort and, with large, floor-to-ceiling front windows, provide a wonderful view of the Dniper and the surrounding countryside.


Water proximity and water basis

The materials have been adapted to this natural construction method. Wood is the traditional building material and, especially in the proximity of water, it should naturally be well protected. The decking areas are subject to particularly high stress, but with Pullex Plus-Lasur in the RAL colour graphite grey are best immunised against this. The facade is protected by water-based Lignovit Imprägniergrund and Lignovit Color. The light, special creamy colour, combined with the graphite grey is inviting and unassuming at the same time, meaning that it does not steal the show from the natural backdrop. The interior walls and ceiling are also treated with a water-based glaze finish from the ADLER Lignovit range. Lignovit Interior UV 100 in shades of white such as Margerite and RAL grey white make for bright, inviting spaces and ensure that the wood does not yellow or darken even after many years. The wooden floors and staircases also retain their natural beauty with ADLER. The environmentally friendly wood oil, Holzöl Legno-Color, gives them an elegant matt and non-slip finish and ensures that they can be easily repaired and renovated. Here too, the overall impression of brightness is achieved by the addition of white elements.


In this way the visitors to Kilov will also find inside what they are looking for outside: nature, relaxation and recuperation.

Project facts
Kilov eco resort, Ukraine
Products used
Yuri Garbar, ABK YUHMA (architect), Davydenko Ruslan (interior designer)

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