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Old splendour meets modern style

Old splendour meets modern style

“When we bought the Moarhof in 2002, we realised immediately that we would like to do something unique with it and wanted to provide people with a place to call home,” say Sylvia and Helmut Perner in unison. The time has now arrived: the family Perner Moarhof project, as the daughters Liliane and Anja Perner are also involved, is complete. The old buildings, the iron foundry, the press house and the energy house look impressive in their new guise.


What is special about the Moarhof is that the interior and exterior spaces merge with the living and garden areas. The transitions appear fluid and everyone who visits the complex immediately feels a sense of security and wants to stay here for ever. “Having a sense of well-being takes priority for us,” says Sylvia Perner. Above all, the materials used invoke this feeling of cosiness. The old, existing building materials have been reused and combined with new ones. In doing so, Helmut Perner took great care to only use natural building materials such as brick, wood, stone, limestone, iron and mineral wool. The 250-year old solid oak wood doors with hand-machined wrought iron fittings catch the eye of every onlooker. They originate from a castle estate and round off the overall appearance.


Inside the apartments, the furnishings are no less elegant. The tenants move around on high quality parquet floors made of oiled oak. The walls and ceilings are done in bright natural shades in keeping with this. The professional painter used ADLER products for this purpose: for the ceilings, Innenlasur UV 100 in the light colour of Margerite, and for the white walls, the mineral paint Aviva Euromin.


But the Moarhof is not only an eye-catcher inside: it is also worth looking at from outside. Each of the individual apartments has a carport and generous, sunny outdoor spaces with several green areas and an atrium. The facade looks like it has been left in its natural state. It is made, however, out of rough sawn larch with a Pullex Silverwood surface treatment from ADLER. “My absolute favourite ADLER product is Pullex Silverwood in all its variations,” says Helmut Perner. “We have used this high quality product countless times already and it is a must for every new project, but in the widest range of colours.” Helmut Perner has used the versatile greying glaze to create a jewel in the countryside, which makes it a dream to live in.





Project facts
"Moarhof"(Steiermark, AT)
Ing. Helmut und Sylvia Perner
Products used
Ing. Helmut und Sylvia Perner
Construction firms
Facade: Gerhard Feldgrill Gmbh & Co. KG Wood ceilings/ walls: Karl-Heinz Doppelhofer

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