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Pigmofix G

Additive for solvent based, two-component polyurethane varnishes in

order to obtain a good moisture resistance of the coat and to increase

the permanent adhesion on glass.

Application method

The quantity to add is 5 %, calculated from the quantity of varnish

(without quantity of hardener and thinner). For this kind of application

ADLER Pigmopur 24005 ff and ADLER Pigmotop 25363 ff are hardened with

20 % of ADLER PUR-Härter 82019.


Stir well before use!

We recommend to mix ADLER Pigmofix G 90699 together with the corresponding quantity of hardener into the varnish.


(PDF | 40 KB)
Safety data sheet

As additive for ADLER Pigmopur 24005 ff and ADLER Pigmotop 25363 ff for

coating the rear of glass elements, which edges are protected by design

(f. e. wooden frames) from direct contact with moisture.


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Pigmofix G

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