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Ready-to-use, solvent-based spray wood stain based on micronized pigments in combination with light-proof special dyes for a stained appearance accentuated with pores, no roughening of the wood and excellent lightfastness.


The solvent mixture used is free from aromatic solvents.


Special features

All colour shades can be mixed with one another, and, if required, can be brightened using ADLER Konzentrationsregler 90318.

Application method

Apply the stain uniformly and with marginal excess (approx. 35 gm/m²) using the spray method (Compressed-air spraying: nozzle size 1.5 mm, spray pressure 1.5 - 2.5 bars) so that the surfaces appear slightly moist.

It is also possible to apply the stain with an air mix or airless low-pressure device.

(PDF | 74 KB)
Safety data sheet

For applying stains on coarsely porous softwoods such as e.g. oak, ash, mahogany etc. to get a stained appearance accentuated with pores.


Wood surfaces stained using the ADLER Spritzbeize 10901 ff (spray wood stains) can be recoated with both solvent-cotaining and water-thinnable wood paints.

ProductSize of trading unitsItem number
Spritzbeize Weiß
Spritzbeize Hanf
Spritzbeize Olive
Spritzbeize Schilf
Spritzbeize Palisander
Spritzbeize Honig
Spritzbeize Rustikal
Spritzbeize Kognak
Spritzbeize Maron
Spritzbeize Mahagonibraun
Spritzbeize Tabak
Spritzbeize Mahagonirot
Spritzbeize Schwarz

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