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Fire protection à la ADLER: Pyrolan® Fire-Protect KDI

A wooden construction? So, what happens when it burns? This question repeatedly crops up when it comes to the advantages and disadvantages of the sustainable building material of wood.


Naturally, wood is flammable. Yet it burns relatively safely and predictably. And Austria’s leading varnish and paint manufacturer, ADLER, is now helping to make the environmentally-friendly material with a promising future even safer: the fire protection impregnation, Pyrolan® Fire-Protect, makes wood particularly difficult to ignite!


Pyrolan® Fire-Protect KDI is fundamentally a new product. After years of complex basic research and trials, the ADLER experts have managed to develop a vacuum pressure impregnation that reaches the highest possible fire protection class for wood (EN 13501-1B s1 d0). “Unlike products already available on the market, we do not use any so-called fire protection salts,” emphasises developer, Rudolf Kamaun.


And that brings along a series of benefits: The users do not have to be afraid of any horrible salting out, which otherwise frequently escapes above all when exposed to moisture. In addition, no wood discolouration occurs. The areas treated with Pyrolan® Fire-Protect KDI in the vacuum pressure process can also be recoated, for example with Lignovit Interior UV100 from ADLER. As a result, the wonderful natural appearance of wood walls, ceilings and beams indoors is retained.


Another plus point will please carpenters and timber construction professionals in particular: “When processing wood that has been treated with our impregnation and not with other comparable products, the planing tools suffer much less wear,” says Kamaun referring to an independent series of trials by the technical timber centre, Holztechnikum Kuchl. That reduces the process costs – in times of increasingly tighter margins, a factor that should not be underestimated. “With this innovative, environmentally-friendly product based on water, we are reaching the heart of the market,” says ADLER Marketing Manager, Christian Laucher, with conviction.

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