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Motorbike, musket, motor saw

"Hands up!" Our ADLER Italia sales representatives, Markus Trebo and Davide Lazzari, recently visited a very special customer: their trip to the workshop of Lorenzo Moser in the idyllic town of Baselga di Pinè in Trentino was a real hit.


Because they were greeted there with unique works of art, which bring out the child in a man. A motorbike, a shotgun, a chainsaw – all completely made of wood! From the tyre to the brake pedal, from the gun sight to the cartridge, from the chain to the safety clip: every little detail is reproduced true to the original.



Lorenzo Moser is namely not only an excellent carpenter but also an artist with a wooden hobby. "He makes objects from his surroundings, which are of particular interest to him, 1:1 out of wood," explains Trebo. And thus our ADLER engineers were able to marvel a Lambretta, but also a chainsaw and a rucksack including brandy flask, and even touch them. Because the workpieces made of maple, walnut and lime wood are all perfectly protected – by a layer of varnish from ADLER.



As a loyal ADLER customer, Moser uses coating from north Tyrol not only for his carpentry work – from living room boxes to wardrobes – but also for his extraordinary objects. The varnishing with ADLER Isopur Gloss 30is an important step in the painstaking detailed work, which the 49-year old invests in his hobby: Moser works for up to three years on a model, with countless work hours going into his individual pieces. It is no wonder that none of the true-to-scale works of art are for sale. He has already been offered € 40,000 for the motorbike ...


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