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Paint spray guns: Commissioning and cleaning

Read here what you need to bear in mind when commissioning, cleaning and maintaining paint spray guns. With our tips you will extend their service life and obtain an optimal spray result.



Clean spray air

Make sure that the spray air is clean, by which you will prevent expensive rework. A 3-stage compressed air filter with integrated pressure regulator is recommended here for roughly setting the spraying pressure.


Sufficient air volume

Make sure that the compressor performance is adequate. The air hose should have a minimum inside diameter of 9 mm and be anti-static and pressure-tight. 


Setting the input flow pressure

The pressure can also be regulated on many paint spray guns. Always only measure the pressure when the gun has been pulled off.


Material amount

You can set the material flow at the back with the paint needle. When doing so, the material amount control should always be safeguarded using the lock nut.


Round/Wide Spray

The round or wide spray regulation is used to infinitely adjust the spray jet shape to the object being painted.


Nozzle set

A nozzle set consists of a paint needle, paint nozzle and air nozzle. The air nozzle should be set so that the lettering can be read.


Spraying distance

The distance between the air nozzle and the object being painted depends on the gun type and material. To reduce overspray, the recommended spraying distance should be observed.


Before each clean, the paint spray gun must be disconnected from the compressed air supply. Otherwise there is a risk of injury. Make sure that you dismantle and fit all parts extremely carefully and only use special tools for this.


Completely empty the gun and gravity flow cup and only use cleaning agents that are recommended according to the technical data sheet. Do not leave the paint spray gun in the cleaning fluid for several days.

After cleaning, it is best to dry all parts with clean compressed air.


You can then put the paint spray gun back together. Do check the spray pattern afterwards, however.


The possible consequences if cleaned incorrectly may be:

  • blockage of the air channels
  • faulty spray pattern
  • dirt in the paintwork
  • spray pattern too small or one-sided
  • liquid escapes behind the paint needle
  • paint spray gun drips


Always store your paint spray guns in a dry, clean place. They should be checked for leaks at regular intervals and all screwed parts should be lubricated on occasion using grease, silicone or other acid-free agents.


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