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Removing the resin using a solvent

Softwoods such as pine or Swiss stone pine contain many resins. This, in fact, has a good aroma, but, as far as surface treatment goes...

Softwoods such as pine or Swiss stone pine contain many resins. This, in fact, has a good aroma, but creates problems as far as surface treatment goes: it causes a spotted appearance of stains, delays the drying process and impairs the flow and adhesion of the coating.


In order to prevent this, you must remove the resin before commencing with the surface treatment. There are several methods for doing this. Get to know the two most successful of these:


The proper resin removing solution: ADLER Nitro-dilution


Sand the wood carefully in the direction of the fibres with a grain size of 120 and remove the sanding dust.


Now you can apply the ADLER nitro thinner liberally and spread it using a brush or a cloth moistened adequately in the thinner solution. Remove the residual liquid using a clean cloth after one to two minutes.


In case of larger articles, the ADLER nitro thinner can also be sprayed on the surface from which the resin needs to be removed.


Next, allow everything to dry off for three hours at room temperature. Slight and smooth sanding using grain size 120 to 150 makes it perfect!


  • Ensure proper room ventilation!
  • After removing the resin, sand carefully, since the resin can only be removed to a depth of about 0.5 mm.
  • The resin from deeper layers can diffuse subsequently as a result of heat or solar radiation on the wood. Hence, you should coat the surface from which resin has been removed within one to two days.
  • Please always use the resin removal solution only once, otherwise the end result will suffer.

Please observe the safety-relevant information in the safety data sheet of ADLER Nitroverdünnung (Nitro thinner) 80001!

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