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Stylish colourful high gloss: ADLER Pigmopur Gloss NG

There is a little magpie in all of us: shiny things magically attract us! That is also true of the living area, where high-gloss surfaces are still among the most sought-after style elements.


Particularly in elegant black or refined white, as a contrast to natural timbers they are a brilliant eye-catcher. Whether on kitchen fronts, cabinets or small pieces of furniture – everything gleams, dazzles and reflects. For manufacturers, however, high-gloss surfaces have involved a considerable amount of effort until now. Yet Austria's leading paint manufacturer, ADLER, is now making things easier for industry and the trade sector: with the all-round new and improved Pigmopur Gloss NG they are able to produce perfect coloured high gloss even quicker and simpler.


One thing counts above all for the furniture industry and bigger trade businesses: efficiency at the processing stage“, ADLER furniture varnish developer, Mario Bortolotti, knows all too well. And for a high-gloss paint that means drying as fast as possible so that the surfaces can be quickly repainted, manipulated and buffed. This is why the ADLER researchers worked for over a year on improving these processing properties. Now they proudly present: the new generation of Pigmopur Gloss! “The new bi-component polyurethane paint can be repainted after just 3 hours and buffed and polished after 24 hours,” Bortolotti emphasises. Naturally Pigmopur Gloss impresses with its high gloss, excellent brilliance and very good body. The chemical and mechanical resistance also leaves nothing to be desired.


Pigmopur Gloss is currently available in stylish black and three creamy shades of white – because these are the most popular colours for fantastic pigmented high-gloss furniture. Two coats after the filler has been applied are enough to find an answer to the Snow White question: “Mirror, mirror on the wall – who has the nicest gloss of all?” ADLER of course!


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